Jakasati Children’s Foundation


       Arunai Children’s Home Foundation is a home for orphans and disadvantaged children.  We are currently in a two bedroom home with all the necessary facilities on a beautiful piece of land right in front of the the Arunachala Mountain in Tiruvannamalai, in which we are housing seventeen children. It is  just a ten-minute walk from the Ramana ashram.

     Our vision for next five years is that we will create a consciousness-based education residential school.  We will have trust funds in US and Germany for the new expanded project that will give great opportunity for many of people in the West and as well as India to participate in giving donations.  Teachers and supervisors will be trained by highly experienced educators in the West and India before the project commences.



This structure was built last year in front of Arunachala mountain with plenty space for the children to play and run around with their two dogs.